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Surfin' Uncle West Coast IPA (gluten-free) 440 mL can

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Surfin' Uncle is a captivating West Coast-style IPA that masterfully combines Amarillo and Simcoe hops in the whirlpool with Lupomax® Columbus and the experimental HBC-586 as dry-hops. This brew delivers delightful citrus and tropical aromas, with a hint of resinous pine that firmly grounds it in the authentic West Coast style.

Get ready to ride a wave of bold hop character as Surfin' Uncle pays homage to the West Coast spirit, while nodding to the Ramones' legendary cover of 'Surfin' Bird.' Embark on a refreshing and invigorating coastal adventure with every sip, celebrating the spirited essence of the West Coast where Surfin' Uncle and rock 'n' roll collide. Cheers to the fusion of West Coast style and timeless rock 'n' roll energy!